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Itch, Rash & Pain Medicated Ointment

//Itch, Rash & Pain Medicated Ointment

Itch, Rash & Pain Medicated Ointment


Relieve irritations that can cause rashes and itching with our naturally-derived, medicated ointment. Our cream can be applied directly to the trouble area, absorbs quickly, and is gentle on the skin.

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Product Description

Relieve irritations from rashes and itching with our ITCH, RASH & PAIN Medicated Ointment. Using natural ingredients and emollients, our product protects skin while getting to the root of your itching and irritation to offer fast topical relief. Our proprietary blend of active ingredients [colloidal oatmeal and lidocaine] can help alleviate skin distress and leave your skin feeling great again!

  • Blended with THC-Free Hemp Extract & Other Natural Moisturizers
  • 99% Naturally Derived

Additional Information

Weight 40 g
Active Ingredients

Allantoin 0.5%, Lidocaine HCl 0.5%

Application Area(s)

Arms, Face, Legs, Neck, Torso

Key Benefit

Applies directly, Cruelty-free, Gentle

All Ingredients

Colloidal oatmeal, lidocaine, cottonseed oil, beeswax, CBD hemp oil (THC-free), stearic acid (vegetable derived), sorbic acid, jojoba seed oil, glycerin, palmarosa oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, zinc oxide, silver oxide ottonseed oil, , ,